GLIOBLASTOM - Anni Hofmann Stiftung


Glioblastoma Research - or glioblastoma multiforme - is an aggressive type of brain tumor for which there is currently no cure and which usually results in death within a few months of diagnosis.

This type of tumor mainly occurs in middle-aged adults. Although younger people are thought to have stronger immune systems, and thus better protection against this type of tumor, it would appear that this protection disappears as we get older.

The Anni-Hofmann-Stiftung is dedicated to exclusively supporting glioblastoma research. The Foundation wishes to support research aimed at investigating the role of the human immune system and of endogenous tumour suppressor mechanisms in glioblastoma with the ultimate goal to improve glioblastoma therapy.

Research into this particular area of research is well under way, with results providing some hope as to the potential benefits of this approach. We hope that the support provided by the Anni Hofmann Foundation will help to strengthen and promote this very promising new area of research.