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The founders of the Anni Hofmann Foundation are dedicated to providing financial support in order to promote and advance research in glioblastoma.

Our research projects are carefully selected and adhere to the highest scientific standards.  Therefore, our projects take many years and require financial investment to expand the scope of a given project.  As a result, financial contributions from the foundation are needed in order to fund research to ultimately find a cure.

Even the smallest donations can help in the search to better understand how this life-threatening disease works in order to treat it more effectively.

Your support is vital in finding a cure.

100% of all donations received go directly into research efforts.  All the Foundation’s members and staff support the Foundation in an honorary capacity. Any payments made are subject to auditing by a certified accountant.

The Anni Hofmann Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany.  Donations made by donors living in Germany are tax-deductible.

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