GLIOBLASTOM - Anni Hofmann Stiftung

On September 10th, 2012, I lost my beloved partner Anni Hofmann. She was 63 years old and passed away as a result of an aggressive glioblastoma tumor. She was a woman with a strong character whom I greatly admired and appreciated.

Unaware of her illness, Anni Hofmann worked at O. K. Wack Chemie until two days prior to receiving her diagnosis.  Following a weekend when she felt rather tired, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Upon receiving her diagnosis, she quickly underwent surgery to remove the tumor. However, it was too late. Anni Hofmann passed away within three months of receiving her initial diagnosis. During this most difficult time, I was by her side offering encouragement until her last moment.  Unfortunately I had to learn that despite all medical efforts available, glioblastoma is an incurable, terminal disease.

As I witnessed Anni’s struggle with this horrible illness, I decided at her deathbed to do something to help me cope with this loss as well as to gain hope for the future.  I decided to start a foundation to support glioblastoma research with the end goal of improving the chances of survival of others.

Anni Hofmann was not only my beloved partner, but also a valued contributor to the successful growth of our company for over 30 years. Particularly during very hard and trying times, she was irreplaceable providing me with assistance and support. For her colleagues, she was a spirited go-to person always willing to help others with business or personal issues.  She was critical to the success of our company and we all owe her very much!

Anni Hofmann was and remains irreplaceably special. By starting the Anni Hofmann foundation, I hope to create a lasting memory in her name for the future.