The Foundation is funded by Dr. O. K. Wack Chemie GmbH, a limited company located in Ingolstadt, Germany (company registration number “Handelsregisternummer HRB 188”). The company was founded in 1975 and consists of two successful divisions – car care products and the precision cleaning of electronics, with the latter being a world-leader in its field. The company’s financial situation enables it to provide long-term financial support in the form of regular donations. 


Persons who are working for the Foundation, including the Management Board, Advisory Board and Administrations are voluntary members, allowing the financial resources to be used solely for research benefits.


Dr. Oskar Kurt Wack


Dr. Harald Wack


Dr. Heiko Barske


„Dr. Oskar Wack had to experience the helplessness of medicine in the treatment of this particulary malignant cancer before the death of his partner for many years Anni Hofmann, who was affected by glioblastoma. The Foundation he founded has the purpose to provide financial support for research that aims to better understand the causes, effects, and treatment possibilities of glioblastoma. May the Foundation encounter success along this difficult path.“


Prof. Dr. Heiko Barske