The event preceding the establishment of the Foundation was the death of my partner for many years, Anni Hofmann, on 10th September 2012. She passed away after the diagnosis of a glioblastoma. 
All therapies, which reflect the current state of knowledge such as surgery, irradiation and chemotherapy, proved to be entirely ineffective. Within the remaining short period of time until her death, signs of paralysis, cramps and the failure of many bodily functions occurred. 
Upon witnessing this bodily demise and the related suffering, together with the helplessness experienced by the doctors every day, I decided to launch the Foundation with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the formation and development of glioblastoma. The ultimate goal is to illuminate new therapy options through this Foundation.

Dr. O.K. Wack



Anni Hofmann and her tireless nature contributed in a fundamental way to the establishment of the company. She occupied a leadership position and was responsible for the introduction and expansion of administrative policies and employees. Through her work, she sparked and promoted the corporate success form inside out, all the while maintaining an employee-oriented climate through her effective and warm-hearted leadership.

Her tireless commitment to the company was a cornerstone of the company’s growth, and she worked diligently until her tragic death in 2012.

The Foundation is dedicated to her memory.