Scientific Advisory Board

The Foundation Board consists of the two shareholders of the Dr. O. K. Wack Chemie GmbH Dr. rer. nat. Oskar Kurt Wack as well as Dr. rer. nat. Harald Wack and is complemented by Dr. rer. nat. Heiko Barske.

In addition, the Foundation is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board with renowned members, Prof. Dr. med. J.C. Tonn, Prof. Dr. med. M. Westphal, as well as Prof. Dr. med. J. Steinbach. The Advisory Board’s critical role is shaped by its selection of research projects, along with regular monitoring of scientific efforts.

Prof. Dr. Med. Jörg-Christian Tonn


Prof. Dr. Med. Manfred Westphal


Prof. Dr. med. J. Steinbach


„It is always the same question from the patient: Where does it come from?

The answer to the question is a puzzle with immeasurably many items, whereby the image of the whole even emerges from the beginning of the composition. Each of the individual parts emerge from the work of dedicated research groups and each part contributes to the preparation of the entire picture. It is great if the work of the working groups is promoted through personal initiatives.“


Prof. Dr. Manfred Westphal