The Foundation’s purpose is the promotion of scientific research on the formation, causes, early detection, prevention and alternative treatment of glioblastoma. Radiation therapies are definitively excluded. The projects funded by the Foundation examine common questions related to the disease, such as the extent to which the body’s own immune system could be strengthened or even regenerated to combat the development of glioblastoma. Already existing medical research in this field gives reason to hope that this could be a successful form of treatment. The Anni Hofmann Foundation aims to support just this type of medical inquiry.


The Anni Hofmann Foundation was registered under German law on 09 April 2013 and approved by the government of Upper Bavaria. Financial audits are routinely executed and the use of funds is subject to control by the regional tax authority.


"It always requires a high degree of optimism, to do research on such a complex disease like glioblastoma, because progress is only possible in small steps. As researcher on glioblastoma, you find yourself in a large community of optimists and therefore, through the cohesion of this researcher community the fascination with the topic never expires and from the small improvements and findings new motivation grows again and again, finally to achieve the results, which open new perspectives for patients."


Prof. Dr. Katrin Lamszus