Project Funding


Prerequisite for promotion

The basic requirement for possible funding is that a project serves the foundation’s purpose. In principle, the projects are chosen in such a way that they can be interlinked through a mutual exchange, so that ultimately a holistic research approach is created. 

Selection procedure for project funding

For the selection of the funded projects (further funding or new funding) an assessment is made by the foundation advisory board, and further independent expert opinions are obtained, which are carried out by professors from other universities. 

The research periods usually run for two years with regular reporting from the research teams. Since autumn 2013, the Anni Hofmann Foundation has invested about EUR 300,000 annually in glioblastoma research.  

If you are interested in acquiring funding for a project related to glioblastoma research from the Anni Hofmann Foundation, please contact us at (+49) 0841 – 635 0 / infoglioblastom-forschungcom or send us the filled project proposal.

„Research and collegial collaborations are generally superior to individual approaches to more complex problems - shaping and promoting functioning networks is extremely important.“


Prof. Dr. Tonn